BioNTech believes their corona vaccine will work against the mutated virus variant

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccinePhoto: AP Photo / Frank Augstein / Pool / file

The German biotechnology company BioNTech believes that their corona vaccine will work against the new variant of the coronavirus. If not, the vaccine can be adjusted fairly quickly.

Although the new variant has a number of mutations, 99%t of the viral protein is the same. Therefore, it is highly likely that the vaccine will also work against the mutated virus,” Ugur Sahin, one of the founders of BioNTech, noted.

Together with the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the German company BioNTech has developed the first corona vaccine that was approved in western countries.

Should the vaccine not work against the mutated virus, which was first discovered in the UK, the vaccine can be adjusted. 

Sahin believes the adjustment can technically be made in six weeks, thanks to the special technology used in the development of the vaccine.

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