Bird flu detected in seagull in Bergen

SeagullPhoto: Fredrik Hagen / NTB

A black-backed gull has been confirmed to be infected with bird flu in Bergen, the Veterinary Institute informs.

This is the first case of the virus in Western Norway, after several cases have been found in the country recently, according to newspaper Bergens Tidende.

Bird flu has also been detected in a turkey and three roosters in Hå municipality in Rogaland. 

The first case of bird flu in Norway this autumn was detected in Sandnes in Rogaland on November 27.

An outbreak among wild birds

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute considers the infection to be part of a larger outbreak among wild birds. 

The Institute recommends that those who discover weakened or dying wild birds to be careful and report the cases to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

The virus can cause serious and highly contagious diseases in captive poultry and birds. 

Mortality in poultry flocks can, in some cases, be over 90%.

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