BKK assesses wind power – owners say no

Wind powerWind power. Photo: Pixabay.com.

BKK assesses wind power – owners say “Not here”

The power company BKK is considering investing in wind power in Hordaland, but most of the municipalities – many of them which are owners in the energy company – are not interested.


If the Norwegian state opens Hordaland for wind power development, BKK is interested, writes Bergens Tidende. The problem is that almost all the municipalities that are being considered have made it clear that they do not want wind power plants. And the situation is hardly made any easier as many of the same municipalities are also co-owners of BKK.

Astrid Aarhus Byrknes (Christian Democrats) is the Mayor of Lindås. Lindås does not wish for wind turbines, whether they belong to BKK or other actors.

– An investment in wind power must be based on the owners. BKK should have informed us in advance about the company’s commitment to wind power, says Byrknes. Neither in Granvin, Kvam or Voss, there is any enthusiasm to be found in favour of wind power in the local community.

– BKK knows very well how we feel, and we will still be as clear to the company as we have been in the consultation round with NVE, Mayor Hans-Erik Ringkjøb (Labour) in Voss, chips in.

Manager in BKK Production, Olav Osvoll, will not comment on the criticism from the Mayors but informs that the company does not want to end up in a conflict with the owner municipalities.

– We know that wind power is a sensitive topic. What we have done so far is to ask the company’s board of directors to probe the opportunities for wind power. A unanimous board said yes to this, Osvoll concludes.


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