Boat driver jumped overboard to avoid control

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Boat driver jumped overboard to avoid police control

A 20 year old man jumped overboard when he found out that the police wanted to check the boat he was piloting in Stjørdal on Saturday night. The boat driver was later fished out of the wet element.


– We were informed at 11:30 pm that a boat in Stjørdal had been observed with 13 persons onboard who all seemed to be drunk. When the pilot realized that the police were notified and wanted to control the boat, he jumped overboard to escape from the control, says Operations Manager in Trøndelag Police District, Frank Brevik, to NTB.

An ambulance was sent to the place and picked the man out of the sea.

– When the police arrived, he resisted fiercly and both hit and kicked at the officers. He is charged with violence against public servants and also for driving under the influence.

Brevik says there has been a lot of things to handle in Trøndelag during the night and points at temperatures of 20 degrees centigrade as a contributing factor.

– The weather is so nice that it has led to a hectic night with a lot of alcohol and mischief, he says.


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