Body that was fished up by a shrimp trawler has been identified

tdbbec92Båtsfjord.Photo: Inge Wahl / NTB scanpix

“The body that a shrimp trawler got in its trawl nets in the Barents Sea was a foreign citizen,” states the police.

The shrimp trawler Remøy fished up a corpse on April 4 in its trawl nets in international waters around Smutthullet in the Barents Sea.

“We have found out that the body is of a foreign sailor. We have established his identity and he has most likely been in out in the sea for several years,” says Ståle Luther, section chief of police in the Troms police district to Dagbladet.

The police have previously said that the person was a man and that he was wearing clothes indicating that he was a fisherman. He was also between 30 and 50 years old, police said after its discovery.

“The fingerprints were used to identified the body. We got access to them via Kripos,” says Luther.

He says they have not come into contact with relatives and that they cannot say anything more about the deceased’s identity.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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