Bomb disposal experts investigate suspicious object in Oslo and find it is harmless

BombGrønland.Bomb disponeringseksperter undersøker mistenkelig gjenstand i Oslo.Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

Police bomb disposal experts had to move to Grønland in Oslo after a report of a suspicious object. It turned out to be a bag of harmless content.


A witness found a bag in the narrow passage around 22.30 and called them. It was considered so suspicious that the site was blocked, said operations manager Steinar Hausvik of Oslo Police District to NTB news at 23.20.

Police bomb disposal experts were in place just before midnight. They used two bomb robots to open the bag.

Five hours after the bag was found, the police confirmed that it was harmless.

“There have been some challenges to figure this out, but it turned out to be quite harmless,” said Hausvik at 03.35.

The operation manager stated that the bag contained some tools.

Bomb robots

Large resources were put out on Tuesday night to clarify the situation. At one point, the police also used an X-ray machine to investigate the contents of the bag.

According to Aftenposten newspaper, there was a red flashing light in the black bag.

“Yes, there was a flashing light there, which we had not clarified,” said Hausvik, adding that there was a combination of several things that made them perceive the bag as suspicious.

Pictures from the site show the bomb group in full equipment, as well as armed police who kept guard. The residents of the narrow passage were asked to stay indoors and a larger area was blocked.

Similar event

It was just over a year ago that a home-made explosive charge was found at Vaterland Bridge in Grønland. A 17 year old boy, originally from Russia, was found in April last year to have had his hand in that.

The explosive charge consisted of a bottle of lighter gas, a lighter and 40-50 metal bits. He was sentenced to one year in prison in Borgarting Court of Appeal in March this year, but has appealed.


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