Bomb suspected woman worked in Norway

Flash powder bombFlash powders are most often used to make theatrical effects. Photo: By DJSparky - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Bomb suspected woman worked in Norway

A woman who is suspected of involvement with a bomb in Sweden – has previously worked a short period for Aftonbladet, the newspaper writes. She has supposedly worked in Norway as well.


Swedish police have so far published little information about the case. Several media have written that a woman of about 25 and a man in his early twenties have been arrested in a hotel room in the Bromma district of Stockholm on Friday.

Both suspects have previously been convicted of minor drug offences, according to several media. The police moved out to the hotel following reports of the woman being abused. In the hotel room, they allegedly discovered a powerful bomb in a carry-all bag.

“It was made of a mixture of potassium nitrate and aluminium. If it had gone off, at least three people in the vicinity would have been blown to smithereens,” an anonymous source tells Expressen.

Trainee assignment

Aftonbladet writes that the woman worked in their editorial office for a three month period a few years ago.

“She had a shorter practice period while studying and wrote a scant number of articles,” Editor-in-chief, Michael Poromaa, explains.

The woman has stated that she has been working in Norway for the past year, according to Aftonbladet. The newspaper does, however, not write where she allegedly is/was employed.

The lawyer of the arrested woman states that she denies guilt and has made an explanation that proves that she is innocent of the alleged crime.

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