Another bomb from World War II found in Tønsberg

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Another bomb from World War II found in Tønsberg

The military has now detonated the World War II bomb, which was found on Vallø outside Tønsberg earlier on Monday.


At a little after 10 pm the police notified that the bomb was detonated and that they soon would conclude their work on the spot. The explosive device was found in connection with a larger clearing work Esso are performing in the area.

The bomb was found a little before 11 am Monday morning, and the police moved to the spot to conduct further investigations.

The bomb turned out to be partially destroyed, but the bomb squad of the Armed Forces was called in to deal with it regardless, says Vestfold Police.

A safety area was set up for 300 meters surrounding the place where the bomb was found. The Coast Guard patrolled the safety area to the east and south of Vallø. The bomb parts however turned out to contain only tiny amounts of explosives, the police says to Tønsbergs Blad.

Both in March and May, bombs from World War II were found at Vallø, where British bombers carried out a major air strike against Vallø Oil refinery two weeks before the end of the war in 1945.


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