“Bomber” has sent at least 100 letters to police

Police stabbed Asker crime scenePolice at a cordoned off crime scene : Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

“Bomber” has sent at least 100 letters to police

The man charged with sending a bomb to the police in Ski has been in conflict with them for a long time. He denies having anything to do with the bomb.


When he was detained for four weeks on Saturday, the man appealed the decision on the spot. His lawyer, John Christian Elden, told VG newspaper that his client does not acknowledge having sent the package containing the bomb.

“The basis for imprisonment is primarily the risk that there may have been other people involved. And as long as he says he has not sent the package, others must be involved,’’ said Elden.


When a bomb was sent to the police in Ski on Wednesday, the man caught the spotlight quite quickly because of a pre-history with the police. In short, the man, according to Elden, was a well-functioning firefighter in his hometown until he suffered injuries in connection with an arrest in 2008. Elden would not confirm whether this arrest refers to an incident when, in 2008, his client shut himself in a car outside Lørenskog police station and threatened to blow up a bomb-like object.

Since then, there has been a conflict between him and the law, and he has sent at least 100 letters to the police in the past ten years. He believes himself persecuted by the police.

By 2017, the police arrested him at his house for another bomb threat. After that, the man reportedly lived in a trailer.

His handwriting

The defendant, who is in his early 40’s, was sent for custody in Halden District Court on Saturday afternoon, where he opposed a prison sentence. The district court, on the other hand, shared the police’s view that there is a reason to suspect of standing behind the bomb sent to the police in Ski on Wednesday.

‘’The court indicated that it is probable that the handwriting that was handwritten on the package, belonged to the man,” according to the court order.


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