The border control is extended

Unclear When Border Control CeasesColour line. Larvik havn.Photo Norway Today Media

The Government extends their controls  of persons  arriving by ferry from Denmark, Sweden and Germany until April 13.
The Department of Justice justifies the extension with considerations of public order and internal security.
–  The control measure has had a good preventive effect, and there is no report that the control has led to considerable inconvenience for ordinary travelers,  Minister of   Justice and Emergency Anders Anundsen (FRP) says.
After Norway introduced the passport control on all ferry arrivals in November last year, the number of asylum seekers have dropped sharply. The pressure on the Schengen external borders is still large, and there are still many unregistered foreigners in the Schengen area who wish to move on. Because of this, Norway still needs to have control on their sea border, according to the Minister of Justice.
Last time the government extended the border controls was  one month ago, and Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) then said that Norway will continue with the extended border controls until  EU and Schengen countries get the boundaries under control.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today