Borten Moe believes brexit will mean the end of the EEA Agreement

Centre party deputy Ola Borten MoeThe Centre party deputy Ola Borten Moe. Photo: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB scanpix

The Center party deputy leader Ola Borten Moe believes Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and the UK will form a common front against the EU if Britain is leaving  the union.

In that case, the EEA Agreement, as we know it today will disappear, Borten Moe told Nationen.
– I say this because there has been no alternative to EEA earlier. Now it will be. Britain and the European Union will obviously have to find a solution and find it instantly. Everyone will be dependent on that. It’s going to change the Norwegian debate,  Borten Moe says about a possible British EU withdrawal.
The British will soon be holding a referendum on whether the country should withdraw from the EU. Recently, supporters of a so-called brexit have been in the lead, and everything is set for an election thriller.
– It seems that things are going to be more exciting than expected in the UK. If the referendum ends with a brexit,  we will have a new debate about the Norwegian connection to the EU here in Norway, whether you think it’s good or bad that the British are leaving the EU,  Borten Moe says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today