Boy (7) hung by feet and undressed in SFO-time

Being bulliedBeing bullied.Photo FOTO: SCANPIX

A second grader at a school in Alta on Tuesday was hung by his feet, stripped and had stones thrown at him by peers.

The rough harassment occurred Tuesday after school in the woods behind the SFO, in an area that is otherwise widely used for play, stated the newspaper Altaposten.
The boy’s father told the newspaper that they received a text message from the school that read that someone had hanged his son by his feet and taken off his trousers and pants.
Rocks had also been thrown at the boy. The Principal of the school in question confirmed the incident.
– After school, some big boys who do not belong to the SFO, held a youth upside down. They also took his clothes.
It is totally unacceptable, says the headmaster.
She says that they are now going to talk to each one of the big boys.
– We must remember that those who have done it, too, are children, says the headmaster.
On Wednesday there will be a meeting with staff and parents, and the principal and the school administration will talk to all parties concerned.
The boy’s father says that several have contacted him and told of similar incidents.
– It’s supposed to have happened several times there in the woods behind the school, he said.
Municipal Director Mads Stian Hansen in Alta municipality says such should not happen.
– We are looking very seriously into it, says Hansen.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today