Boys filmed sex with a woman

courthouseTønsberg courthouse.Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Three teenage boys are accused of having exploited a retarded woman after one of them had sex with her.

The abuse allegedly took place in the apartment of one of the boys. One of them had sex with the woman, while the other two filmed what happened.

The abuse was reported in September last year after the boys had spread the video, NRK reported.

According to police attorney Mari Gjersøe in South-East police district, the women should not have been forced into something.

– But it is bad that the boys have exploited a woman who is mentally retarded. In addition, they filmed and the video is shared on, she says.

All the boys can be judged for what happened, even though only one of them had sex with the woman.

– To contribute to something like this is also considered as punishable, says Gjersøe.

Two of the boys have admitted guilt, while the third has not taken a position on the question of guilt. The case against the boys will be followed in Tønsberg District Court next week.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today