Boys on Pokémon Go stopped by police

Pokemon GoA virtual map of Bryant Park is displayed on the screen as a man plays the augmented reality mobile game "Pokemon Go" by Nintendo in New York City, U.S.Photo:REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich

Two teenage boys looking for a Pokémon had to be stopped by police as they climbed the outside of a nursing home in Mo i Rana on Saturday night. They therefore earned no points in the new mobile game.

– The search for Pokémon is quite serious. They lost some points there, chuckles Ann Line Finanger, operations manager of Nordland police.

The police were notified just after midnight about a possible burglary in Sentrumsgården, a nursing home in the center of Mo i Rana, but it turned out that the two boys, who were born in 1999, climbed from porch to porch to catch what was to them a most real Pokémon on the roof.

Saturday morning was the introduction of the smart phone game Pokémon GO in Norway. The game was first launched in the United States and Australia, but many Norwegians have made technical detours to secure the game before launch in Norway. The game consists of so-called Pokémon trainers walking around and catching these pocket monsters with their smartphone in hand. Figures are only visible to those with smartphones.

The zealous pursuit has already resulted in ankle injuries, accidents in revolving doors and collisions with trees. In the US, police urged mobile players to stay away from places that are difficult to access or that may involve danger, and people are also encouraged to watch out for criminals who exploit monster hunters.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today