‘Solution to North Korea situation requires wisdom’ says the Foreign Minister

Børge BrendeBørge Brende ( Conservative Party ).

Foreign Minister, Børge Brende of Høyre (H), places responsibility for the tense situation with North Korea at Kim Jong-un’s feet, but believes everyone is responsible for preventing an escalation.


‘I sleep well at night, but I don’t like to say so because it’s a barrier to finding diplomatic solutions. There is no military solution to this’,  Brende told TV 2.

‘The parties involved must calm down and find solutions. Of course,  the young leader Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang has responsibility, for he is developing nuclear weapons, which he should not be developing.

He has also developed and tested rocket launchers, so he must finish North Korea’s rocket program, and then solutions must be found that won’t escalate out of control,’ continued Norway’s Foreign Minister.

He believes in a combination of pressure and sanctions with dialogue, and that it’s important not to contribute to inflaming the situation with ever-increasing inflammatory vocabulary, which he emphasised that all parties have a responsibility in preventing.

‘I believe we’ll find solutions over a period of time, but it will require a lot of wisdom’, said Børge Brende.


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