‘Bridge Builder Prize’ for Refugees Welcome Norway

RefugeeRefugee.Photo: pixabay.com

‘Brobyggerprisen’ 2017 was awarded to the Refugees Welcome Norway organization, which was created to help refugees arriving in Norway.

Refugees Welcome Norway, established in 2015, functions today as an umbrella organization for a number of local groups, consisting of many thousands of volunteers.

– Refugees Welcome Norway received the Brobygger Prize 2017 for their great effort with practical and solidarity work for refugees.

In this way, they have helped to make Norway a little more open and generous, and they have helped meet people more widely, received and welcomed them, said a press release from the Norwegian Church Academy (NKA).

Brobyggerprisen has previously been awarded to King Harald, Crown Prince Håkon, Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland in the Council of Europe and the actress Wenche Foss. It’s over 30 years since NKA’s Brobygger Prize was awarded for the first time.

The prize will be awarded to Refugees Welcome Norway on Wednesday at Nidarosdomen.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today