British man charged with abusing Norwegian boy

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British man charged with sexual abuse against Norwegian boy

A 19-year-old British man is charged with assaulting an eleven-year-old Norwegian boy over the internet, Kripos (NCIS) says.


The man is charged with threatening a Norwegian boy to perform sexual acts with himself through a game over the internet. The boy supposedly has been the victim of extortion in advance of the event, says Kripos in a statement.

The sexual assault supposedly has been transferred directly to a person abroad. The man was apprehended and charged in the UK on Thursday.

British case

– He is a British citizen and this is a British investigation. The man will therefore not be extradited to Norway. He was arrested because there was a danger that he would commit more abuse, says Communications Manager in Kripos, Ida Dahl Nilssen, to NTB.

British police has seized a mobile phone and computer equipment in connection with the arrest.

– We have not received any feedback on the review of the seizure, says Nilssen.

Kripos was notified by the local Sheriff’s office who in turn received the notification from the boy’s family. NCMEC (The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) assisted in identifying the victim.


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