Brothers accused of rape

PolicePolice: Photo: Norway Today Media

Two brothers are charged with the rape of a 19 years old woman in Oslo. The rape allegedly took place in July last year.

The brothers were 21 and 25 years old when the alleged rape occurred in the brothers’ apartment 3rd of July 2015, reports TV2.

The woman had met the two men, whom she knew from before, around the National Theatre when she was in the capital to visit his sister.

According to her lawyer, Lise Reiersen, brothers offered her to help finding her way.

– The brothers were very nice to her and said that they were going the same way. They said they’d just stop by their apartment before they would proceed, says Reiersen.

According to the indictment from the Oslo District Court they stand in front of the door when she wanted to leave the apartment.

They have pulled down her pants. In the indictment it says further that the woman repeatedly said she would not agree to this and tried to free herself.

Both brothers deny culpability, says Heidi Ysen, who defends one brother. The case starts in Oslo District Court on Wednesday.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today