Buildings on farms at Bo in Telemark burned down

FireIllustration.Fire: Photo.

Several buildings on a farm at Bo in Telemark burned down early Sunday morning. No one was injured in the fire.

A barn, two storehouses and a house were lost in the fire, but the main house was rescued, police said in Telemark.

– It is still unclear what has happened and we are investigating the cause. There have been violent thunderstorm and lightning in the area, but we can not say for certain whether it caused the fire, said operations manager Jan Olav Jansen of South-East police to news agency NTB.

Three people have been registered at the address, but they were not home when the fire broke out.
Emergency services responded to what was first reported as a forest fire in the area of Eikjabygda on Saturday night, but it turned out that it was the burning buildings on Uvdal road outside Bo.

The fire brigade had fought the fire until 2am and finished the job on Saturday night.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today