Woman to prison for fraud with bunads

bunads online fraudSome of the bunads that the woman advertised for sale on the internet. Photo: Norwegian police.

Woman sentenced to prison for fraud with bunads

A 30-year-old woman has been sentenced to 55 days’ imprisonment for fraud after selling bunads that she never made – or delivered – to her customers. The asking price for each of the hand embroidered traditional Norwegian costumes where tens of thousands of Norwegian kroner.

“In most cases, the woman put the bunads up for sale online and received either full or down payment from her female buyers,” writes the Trondheim newspaper Adresseavisen.

According to Sør-Trøndelag District Court, the woman carried out fraud for a total of NOK 56,390. Nine of the charges against her involve fraud with bunads. She is also convicted of selling a dog that she was the caretaker of only. The dog is reunited with its owner.



General preventive considerations

The woman did not meet before the court in person when the trial against her began in early April. She, however, emailed a written explanation to the court where she acknowledged guilt for eleven of the twelve charges against her.

In connection with the sentencing, the court notes that fraud using the internet is a growing problem and, therefore, believes that «general preventive considerations imply a strict penalty» in the case.

In addition to serving 55 days in prison, the woman must repay the offended parties in the case on top of NOK 1,000 in legal costs.

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