Bus driver claims to be hit using his key chain

Bus sales Key Chain Bus driver BergenBus. Photo: Norway Today Media

Bus driver in Bergen claims to be hit in his face with his key chain

The 64-year-old bus driver attacked by an intoxicated man at a bus stop in Bergen is still hospitalized at the Haukeland Hospital with serious head injuries.


The man was sitting down inside a restroom eating his luncheon when he was attacked by an intoxicated man at the Birkelund bus stop in Bergen early on Sunday.

The offender knocked on the door, upon which the driver opened the doors and was hence exposed to what is described as extensive violence.

A 36-year-old man is arrested and charged in the case. He is an ex-convict, but not for this kind of violent behaviour.

The police tells Bergensavisen that the perpetrator apparently has stabbed the bus driver repeatedly to his face, causing him serious eye injuries.

– It seems that he has used the driver’s key chain to carry out the violence, says police lawyer in the West police district, Ørjan Ogne, to the newspaper.

The police asked for four weeks of custody during the prison meeting on Monday morning. The man is charged with grave bodily harm.

Both the bus driver and the perpetrator have been questioned. Einar Drægebø, assistant counselor of the bus driver, says that he has explained that the violence was carried out using the keys.

– Everything indicates that this is an unjustifiable case of violence, and that it happened while he was performing his job for the community, Drægebø tells BA.

Counsel for the accused, Fredrik Verling, has no comment on the issue at the present time.


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