Taking the bus without using a seat belt may prove costly to passengers

Bus in the streets of OsloBus in the streets of Oslo. Photo Atle Johnsen / Norway Today Media

This week the NPRA will  control the use of seat belts among the bus passengers. Those caught not wearing a seat belt, will be let off with a warning this time release, but next time they will have to pay a fine of 1,500 kroner.
In 2015 NPRA controlled to use of seat belts among 40,500 bus passengers. 10,000 did not  wear a seat belt, even when it was available. This is according to information from the Public Roads Administration.
This week, new controls are to help raising awareness about the use of seat belts on buses.
– Next time the passengers caught not wearing a seat belt will have to pay a fine, because we believe this is so important that we have to adopt strict measures. This time we are looking to inform, so we hope that everyone will be wearing their seat belts the next time we make an inspection,  Ingrid Heggebø Lutnæs of the NPRA says.
– The aim is to make using the seat belt in buses into a habits in bus in the same way as using them in the car, because we are among the best in the world to remember using the seat belts in the cars,  Lutnæs continues.
NPRA figures show that three out of ten passengers do not know that it is mandatory to wear a seat belt in buses. Those over 60 are the best at remembering to use a seat belt, while young people aged 15 to 20 are the ones least likely to use a seat belt. Only one in ten in this age group states that they wear seat belts while travelling in a bus.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today