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Bus with 13 rejected asylum seekers traveled to Russia

Western camp , arrival center for refugees in Kirkenes .KIRKENES 20151117. Western camp , arrival center for refugees in Kirkenes . Refugees which passes the Norwegian - Russian border at Storskog is sent here , before passing to reception elsewhere in the country .Foto: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix


The bus that transported the rejected asylum seekers back to Russia left the asylum camp in South Varanger along with two police cars at 17.40 pm Tuesday afternoon. There were 13 rejected asylum seekers in the bus.
– We have completed a return of 13 people to Russia this afternoon. The journey went according to plan,  Tuva Otterlei Blikom of the Police Immigration Service (PU) says.
She can not tell if 13 was the number of people  PU had planned to return.
– Because of police operational considerations, we are not allowed to tell you any more. We’d rather not comment on planned and future returns, she says.
All those who were returned had so-called multi visa or other residence permits in Russia.
The bus has driven to a city in Russia, but Blikom can not tell which city.
Late Tuesday afternoon NOAS informed that several young men have given up and  have entered the bus.
– Actually there are some of them who want to say goodbye now -it’s likely that they have  basically given up the fight. They now want to travel to Russia, says Ruth Pedersen to NRK.
– These are mainly young, single men, and not families, says Pedersen.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway today


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