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Buses will protect the children’s May 17 procession this year

May 17, 2017.Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB scanpix

The emergency preparedness office in Oslo has decided to set up buses to block downtown streets on May 17 this year, even though the threat assessment has been revised downwards.


The threat assessment was said to be “likely” on 17th May last year, and the childrens procession in Oslo was flanked by buses that blocked the streets towards Karl Johan as an action to prevent terror attacks.

In November 2017, the threat assessment was downgraded from “likely” to “possible”, but the same security measures are still being carried out at this year’s celebration, NRK news wrote.

Emergency Planning Manager, Ann Kristin Brunborg of Oslo municipality stated that this involves blocking of downtown streets with large flower vases and vehicles. She also said that the police have asked the municipality to resume using buses to block off streets.

“It’s a threat that requires us to secure the children. The threat level was a bit higher last year, but we also had security measures before that,” she told NRK.

Brunborg, however, believes that the public will notice few of the measures put in place.

‘’Much of these are measures people are used to seeing in the cityscape. Last year we received positive feedback that there was no big deal and that people thought it was okay,’’ she said.

The police in Oslo told NRK that they are still in the planning phase and do not want to say anything about the security measures now. Nor can they confirm whether the white,heavy trailers will be used this year.

Brunborg also said that the emergency preparedness agency is considering moving the large flower stalls in the middle of the street in Karl Johan, to prevent them from being in the way of the children’s procession.


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