Buyer receives NOK 70,000 in compensation because car had been used in funerals

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The Consumer Complaints Committee has given a used vehicle owner NOK 70,000 in compensation because a used car had been used as a funeral car without the seller being informed of it.


A man from Herøy at Sunnmøre bought a Dodge Durango two years ago for 689,000 kroner.The used car that cost approximately 2 million new had driven approximately 50,000 kilometres, and was in many ways a bargain wrote Motor magazine.

But the seller, a Bryne’s private individual, never told the buyer that the car had been used by a funeral agency in Tromsø for almost all of its useful life.On the contrary, in the sales contract it stated that the car was not used as a professional car.

The used car customer claimed 129,000 kroner in the price reduction from the private person from whom he bought the car.The Consumer Complaints Committee, which deals with complaints about used car purchases, is in agreement with the used car buyer.

They believe the seller had provided incorrect information, and they have decided that the seller has to pay back 70,000 kroner.


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