Cabin fire on Bømlo spreads – Islanders evacuated

Bømlo Foldrhamn cabin IslandCabins in Foldrhamn on Bømlo. Photo: photo.

Cabin fire on Bømlo spreads – Islanders evacuated

The fire service doesn’t have control of the fire that started in a cabin on Bømlo Sunday afternoon. Residents on the eastern part of the island in northern Rogaland are evacuated.

Politiet notified of the fire at 5 pm on Sunday.

The cabin was rapidly ablaze. The police, shortly after, ascertained that there was no one inside it. The fire, eventually, spread to the vegetation to the east of the holiday home.

“We have evacuated approx. 30 persons to a quay on the east side of Bømlo. Additionally, some others have driven away from their cabins,” Operations Manager of Southwest Police District, Victoria Hillveg, tells NTB at around 7 pm.

“The fire department has overview of the fire. The situation may, however, change rapidly,” Hillveg continues, adding:

“A person is being examined by ambulance personnel after inhaling smoke.”

That person is later brought to the emergency room for a check-up. Four others also inhaled some smoke, but are, apparently, not seriously affected.



Helicopter and Civil Defence

In order to gain control of the fire, which has spread, the fire service receives assistance from a forest fire helicopter. In addition, the Civil Defence is asked to assist in the extinguishing.

As there is a gas container in a shed connected to the cabin, the fire department instructs the emergency services to keep a safety distance of one hundred metres from the cabin. The fire department expects the cabin to burn to the ground. It, therefore, concentrate on an attempt to hinder further spreading.

“The fire is under control, the evacuees kept on the quay until further notice. A criminal case is, routinely, created,” the police tweets at 8.30 pm.

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