Cabin owners defied ban and went to the summer cabins at Easter

Summer in NorwayDrøbak.Summer in Norway.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

In Lillesand in Southern Norway, there has been a significant increase in cabin visitors during Easter, despite the cabin ban. They fear an invasion when the ban is lifted.

“I have received several inquiries this weekend from people responding to the fact that some cabin guests have arrived. It’s at the Vinmonopol and in the store that you notice it, and it’s been so bad that people refuse to go to the store,” says Lillesand Mayor Einar Holmer-Hoven (Høyre) to NRK.

In Lillesand there are 1,700 cabins, and the mayor fears up to 4,000 visitors on May 1st weekend. Many of them are from the Viken and Oslo area, which has been the area with the most coronavirus infections in Norway.

Holmer-Hoven emphasizes that emergency preparedness is good in the municipality as they have had only seven cases and, in addition, are close to hospitals in Kristiansand and Arendal. For many guests it will also be possible to go home to Oslo in case of infection.

“But I see the anxiety that some of our inhabitants have about the danger of infection,” says the Lillesand mayor.

From April 20, the cabin ban will be removed. The ban has been justified with regard to the capacity of the municipal health service, not the advice of infection prevention professionals, according to the Directorate of Health.

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