Oslo Judge indicted of abusive material

Oslo District Court honour killing murder rape judgeOslo District Court . Photo: wikimedia.org

Oslo Judge charged with possession of abusive material

The case is being investigated by the Crime Unit (Kripos). The judge is charged with a violation of the Criminal Code, § 311, section 1.


«The charge concerns having gained access to and/or been in possession of representations of sexual abuse against children or representations that sexualise children,» Kripos informs.

«A search has been carried out in connection with the investigation of the case. Consisting, among other things, of seizures,» Kripos continue.

The accused has been appointed Vegard Aaløkken as his Defence Lawyer.

Order from the Attorney General

The accused is not presented for detention.

The Attorney General has decided that Kripos will investigate the case.

The Court Administration cannot naturally comment on the charge and the ongoing investigation. For further questions and comments, we must refer to Kripos, it informs.

Dismissal after interrogation

District Magistrate of Oslo District Court, Yngve Svendsen, tells Rett24 that the court was made aware of the charge early on Monday.

“The accused was questioned on Tuesday and Wednesday. In connection with this, we started looking at the question of suspension. When the interrogation ended on Wednesday, he was temporarily suspended. On Thursday, he applied for dismissal, which was granted immediately,” the Magistrate states.

He refers to Kripos for questions about the charge and whether the court’s technical equipment is used in connection with the offence of which the District Court Judge is charged.

According to Rett24, the accused has been a District Court Judge in Oslo for many years, and he has dealt with cases involving possession of abusive material on several occasions.

Calls for review of cases linked to indicted Oslo Judge

Oslo District Court must investigate cases of abuse that have been dealt with by the Judge who is charged with possession of abusive material, believes the law firm Barneadvokatene (Childrens’ Lawyers).

Barneadvokatene has sent a letter to the District Magistrate of Oslo District Court, Yngve Svendsen. They implore the District Court to review all cases the Judge has had dealt with where possible sexual abuse of children has been a topic.

“We believe this is absolutely necessary in order to investigate whether children and parents have received a correct and impartial treatment by the District Court in these cases,” Lawyer in Barneadvokatene, Thea W. Totland, tells NTB.

Friday it was made known that a District Court Judge is charged with having access to and/or possessed representations of sexual abuse against children or representations that sexualise children. The Crimes Unit (Kripos) investigate the case.

Notify prosecutors

The Lawyer firm request that the prosecutors be notified in all the Judge’s cases where possible abuses have been a topic. Enabling every attorney in these cases has the opportunity to review the case again to assess any steps in light of the information that has now emerged.

«The court is dependent on the society being confident that cases involving sexual abuse, or suspected sexual abuse, against children are treated objectively and fairly by all judges,» the letter states.

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