Calls for witnesses after severe rape in Oslo

Police car, TysfjordPolice car. Photo Norway Today Media

The Oslo police iare now calling for witnesses after a woman was assaulted, raped and robbed, in Oslo last weekend. The police do not have any suspects in the case.

It was Saturday May 7 that the woman arrived by cab and went off at Statoil petrol station at Skoyen clock 22.39 in the evening.

The woman then went from the gas station and towards Skoyen Terrasse 11 where she went out on a gravel trail that goes up towards Nedre Silkestrå.

Soon after she began walking up the trail, a man came from behind and attacked her. She was then raped and afterwards robbed her handbag.

The police have conducted informal survey in the area and is now out and calls for tips from the public. The police also ask any witnesses who were in the area at this time to contact the police if they have any observations.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. Bring lots of criminals from those countries – what can I say, this was supposed to happen, you guys are welcoming criminals. My god.

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