Calm before the storm on the day before Christmas Eve

HovdenHovden.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

The expected storm has taken a little break, but beyond Friday afternoon and the night of Christmas Eve it will get worse. Those who will be driving home for Christmas and need to go over a mountain pass are encouraged to start the journey early.

On Friday morning, only two of the mountain passes in South Norway were closed, while a single column of traffic ran on another two. With a full storm approaching, the situation will become completely different during the course of the afternoon.

‘People need to be prepared before they begin the vacation and travel to themountains,’ said State meteorologist, Martin Granerød to

Passes may be closed at short notice

At the moment, it is the mountain pass on County Road 50 Hol-Aurland, and Highway 13 over Vika mountain that are closed due to the storm. On E134 Haukelifjell, and Highway 7, a single column is run. Both may be closed at short notice.

Forecasts for southern Norway over the next 48 hours show that the storm has only taken a little break.

‘Rainfall and wind have diminished for now, in the morning; there will be a short period of time where the weather in the mountains gets a little better. But already, by this afternoon, bad weather will increase both on the coast and in the mountains. It is expected that there will be a small storm both on the Southern coast and in the mountains,’ said Granerød.

At the traffic center, traffic operator, Tom Hansen, urged motorists to be patient, even though traffic will move slowly in many places over the mountains.

Calculate the time

‘There will be challenging driving conditions, and you have to adjust your speed. To try out some nonsense like overtaking a few cars, is very unnecessary. Be patient and look forward to the great days to come’ he said to NRK news. He asked motorists to calculate the time they will need and to carry enough food and warm clothes.

During Christmas weekend, there are also expected to be big waves on the coast of Western Norway. Between Utvær and Stad, the waves may be over 20 meters high, according to the Norwegian coastal administration.
The Meteorological Department has also sent out a warning-notice for a number of counties.

The warning says that on Boxing Day, the wind may be powerful in the area between Nord-Trøndelag to Lindesnes.

There may also be powerful gusts in Eastern Norway, according to forecasts. The storm will be similar to the one expected on Christmas Eve, but it can chop up even more powerfully.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today