“Cannot Campaign for this,” says KrF Top

MP Geir Jørgen Bekkevold Christian Democrats Campaign KrFMP Geir Jørgen Bekkevold (Christian Democrats). Photo: KrF

Bekkevold: “Cannot Campaign for this Government”

A central Member of Parliament for the Christian Democrats, Geir Jørgen Bekkevold, warns that he will not stand for re-election because he cannot be a part of an election campaign in favour of the Government of Erna Solberg.


Bekkevold has been elected to the Norwegian Parliament for the Christian Democrats (KrF) since 2009. He has previously served on the Control and Constitutional Committee. He is currently a Deputy Leader of the Family and Cultural Committee.

After this Parliamentary period, that comes to its conclusion, writes Filter Nyheter.

The reason is that Bekkevold believes that the Christian Democrats has broken a promise by entering a Government together with the Progress Party (Frp).

“The platform of the Government is not good enough to defend the broken promise. Someone else must take over my seat on the Telemark bench. I cannot campaign for this Government, ”Bekkevold states during an event organised by a Public Relations Agency on Monday.

Withdraws his membership as a protest

He is not the only one who believes that the Christian Democrats are on their way up the garden path. Former State Secretary and Deputy Leader of the Young Christian Democrats (KrFU), Odd Anders With, announced on Thursday that he is giving up his membership.

« To the Christian Democrats. I’m by this relinquishing the party because of that. Broken promise, wrong course, support of the two block mindset, polarisation and legitimisation of more Progress Party policy, » With posts on his Facebook page.

The Youth organisations second in command in Troms, Nikolai Skogan, resigns, wrote in Vårt Land on Monday.

After the last National Assembly of the Christian Democrats – where a majority chose to join a Government dominated by the Conservative and the Progress Party – I am left with no other choice but to leave the party, he adds.

Several others pick up their Hymn books and leave

Before the weekend, A Deputy Leader of the Christian Democrats in Oppland and former County Leader, Anne Marie Bagsatd Jøranli, also announced that she is picking up her hymn book on her way out. She highlights the “bluff” of Kjell Ingolf Ropstad regarding the Abortion Act in her justification for doing so.

Marit Brandt Lågøyr is a former advisor of Knut Arild Hareide. She posts on Facebook that she leaves due to struggling with that. «The Christian Democrats have decided to side with the Progress Party,» as she puts it.

Dag Sele, Svein Helgesen og Morten Halling are among those who decide to leave the flock as a protest.

Uncertain if Hareide hangs on to the ropes

Many in the Christian Democrats now demand that Hareide continues as the Parliamentary Leader.

“I have said all along that I want to do a job for the Christian Democrats, not in this Government project, but I have made a solemn promise to do so on its behalf,” Hareide tells TV 2.

When asked if he slams the door to the Parliamentary Leader’s office shut, Hareide is as clear as the day:

“Not at all. That is a decision the Christian Democrats’ Parliamentary Group must make.”

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