Cape Town Water Running Dry

Cape TownResidents fill containers with water at a source for natural spring water in Cape Town, South Africa, Friday, Feb. 2, 2018. South Africa's drought-hit city of Cape Town introduced new water restrictions in an attempt to avoid what it calls "Day Zero," the day in mid-April when it might have to turn off most taps. (AP Photo/Bram Janssen)

Cape Town, South Africa is running out of water. The second largest metropolitan area in South Africa has just released new projections for an expected total water delivery system collapse.


Several years of severe drought has pushed Cape Town to the brink of disaster and has instituted predictions of a ‘D-Day’ collapse in water distribution for the entire region from authorities.

With Cape Town water supplies rapidly dwindling, authorities took drastic measures and implemented strict control of water usage. A region-wide plan was put in place that promoted conservative rationing with no more than 50 liters per household
allowed daily.

The water rationing scheme proved effective and prompted authorities to recalculate the expectation of water system failure from the original projected date of April, 2018 to a revised expected date of collapse now slated for July 9th, 2018.

Better water conservation from Cape Town citizens and the release of private water reserves from area farmers has allowed for these new projections of anticipated system collapse.

Cape Town is the second largest populated area in South Africa (after Johannesburg). It is also the capital city of the Western Cape province and is the seat of the Parliament of South Africa.

2011 population figures indicated about 400,000 citizens live within the area.


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