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Few care about the krone rate during holiday period

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According to a survey conducted by Finn Reise, only 13% of Norwegians answered ‘yes’ to whether the krone exchange rate has any bearing on their choice of holiday destination.


Aftenposten wrote that according to the survey, one in three Norwegians answered that they’ll travel abroad this summer. 69% responded to the question of whether the krone rate affects their decision about destinations, but only 13% answered ‘yes’.
‘We have waited a long time for the krone to become stronger, thus giving Norwegians cheaper summer vacations. It hasn’t happened, which means we must get used to the fact that we don’t get as much for the Norsk krone as we did before,’ said economist, Magne Gundersen, of the Sparebank 1 group.
‘In fact the euro has created a price hike of 25% for Norwegians holidaying abroad’, he pointed out.
Consumer economist, Silje Havdal of BN Bank, isn’t surprised by the survey.
 ‘Norwegians don’t think that the exchange rate is of much importance to the holiday budget. I think that’s a muddled attitude. Today’s weak krone rate will make spending money abroad more expensive than before.
Therefore, it’s extra important that you have a conscious relationship to your own consumption and follow spending accordingly,’ she said, her brow furrowed in stressed concern as tens of thousands of Norwegians departed the country by plane, ship, and road, singing and laughing somewhat wildly, their wallets bulging, seemingly without a worry in the world.

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