Cases of revocation of a residence permit have been on hold for a long time

UDI Logo, minor asylum seekersLogo UDI. Photo Norway Today Media

While the authorities find out who is going to clarify cases regarding revocation of residence permits, hundreds of cases have been idle for two years, writes TV 2.

In recent years, the police and the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) have uncovered an increasing number of cases where persons have received Norwegian citizenship on a false basis.

But neither the police nor the UDI have gone further with these cases for two years, while the authorities have been working to clarify whether it is the UDI or the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) that is to deal with the cases, or whether it is the court that should be the first instance, writes TV 2.

Section Manager Frode Hersvik of the Police Immigration Unit in the Western Police District believes that it is frustrating that “obvious cases” are not treated. He thinks it’s going too slow.

“We have cases where it is verified that those who have received citizenship are from another country than what they have stated, but we cannot do anything about it. Instead, the cases pile up at UDI,” says Frode Hersvik to the channel.

According to UDI, the number of untreated cases will be around 1,000 by the end of 2019.

The Minister of Knowledge Jan Tore Sanner (H), who is responsible for the legal process that began after the so-called Mahamud case, says that their proposal of that the court should be the first instance was met with great criticism during the hearing. According to Sanner, however, the Ministry of Knowledge intends to present a bill as soon as possible.

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