Cat washed on wool cycle – survived

Washing machineIllustration.Washing machine

By accident, the family cat Zero, wandered into the washing machine. Against all odds, the cat survived 30 degrees, but still smells of soap.


It was the father who began the load of laundry when the accident occurred. While the last pairs of dirty socks were being picked up in another room, the cat, named Zero got into the washing machine.

The family father returned to the laundry room, put the dirty socks in the machine, closed the door and started the washing machine, NRK reports.

There was a lot of commotion in the house at Røa in Oslo when the load was finished and the cat was discovered in the washing machine.

– “Zero was sticky. He looked completely crumbled and was much thinner than usual. He was very dizzy and started to throw up,” said Joakim, 14-year-old.

Little Zero was immediately driven to the Veterinary College who treated the cat for two days with intravenous nutrition, oxygen, painkiller and heat. According to the veterinarian, the cat had a very low body temperature when it arrived.

– “The cat was very relaxed and cold. In addition, he was very dazed and confused,” says Associate Professor Vibeke Rootwelt.

She says that during her 25 years as a veterinarian she has never experienced anything like this.

After two days Zero could come back home to his family and is now be a happy and satisfied cat.

– “Now, he smells soap. Cats do not like water at all. I do not think Zero will be fond of water after this,” said Joakim, reminding all cat owners to take a second look in the washing machine the next time they wash clothes.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today