Caught a three meters long shark

Grenland shark langesund fishing rodHans Marius Kaasa hooked a Greenland shark of about 290 centimeters in lenght and weighing about 200 kgs in Skagerak just outside Langesund Photo: Sam Andre Berge / NTB scanpix

A group of friends went out fishing near Langesund in Telemark on Saturday. Besides catching a halibut, they hooked a Greenland shark nearly three meters long and weighed 200 kilos.

“It is seriously difficult to reel in a 200 kgs fish from over 700 meters depth with common deep-sea fishing equipment,” says Hans Marius Kaasa, to the online magazine

Together with his friends, Espen Abrahamsen and Sam-André Berge, they went out to the boat Saturday night to fish, but the big catch was hooked the following morning at 10:00 Sunday.

After having a line break on a rod by another big fish, he put on an extra thick line and used mackerel as bait. Then he reeled up the heavy Greenland shark, which is one of the world’s largest and a rarest shark species.

“We secured the fish along side the boat and measured it to 290 centimeters. According to the table, this equals around 200 kilos. The fish was put back into the ocean after a few pictures were taken, and then I just had to sit down and catch my breath,” he says.

This shark lives and swims very deep in the sea and the few times someone has managed to reel a shark up from the depths, they usually weighed about 20 to 30 kilos.

The Greenland shark do like other sharks, not have a swim bladder, and therefore tolerate pressure differences at different depths. This allows the shark to properly recuperate after a catch and release, which is common practice among anyone fishing for the species, writes


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