Celebrations throughout the Nordic world on Friday

Arne Fogt Bergby.Photo: Arne Fogt Bergby.

On Friday the 23rd of March there’ll be celebrations of the Helsinki Agreement, and the Nordic Cooperation that was entered into on the same day in 1962. The day will be celebrated throughout the Nordic region.


“The Nordic Day is an opportunity to look forward, to talk more about how the Nordic region affects our everyday lives, and why we need more cooperation, no less,” said the chairman of ‘Foreningen Norden’, Rune Mørck Wergeland.

In a post published in connection to Nordic Day, Mørck Wergeland took the initiative toward strengthening cooperation between the Nordic countries. He also wanted to focus on three vital areas of Nordic policy in the future.

Nine out of ten call Nordic cooperation important

“This year, Foreningen Norden (the Norden Association), which initiated both a joint labour market and the Nordic Council, has entered our 100th year. In many ways, this is a jubilee for all involved in modern Nordic cooperation, which gives us greater reason to celebrate.’’

The Nordic Association is working for even closer integration between the Nordic countries. A survey from 2017 showed that Nordic cooperation has broad support among the people. Nine out of ten people responded that cooperation is ‘important’ or ‘very important’.

The day will be marked in a number of places

Tradition faith communities encouraged all Norwegian municipalities to flag the occasion, and a number of municipalities have confirmed that they want to raise the Nordic flags. Both parliament, and Karl Johans gate will celebrate the day with flags and banners.

Several of the Association’s local teams will also organise lectures,quizzes, literary evenings, and Nordic celebrations in connection to the Nordic Day. In Trondheim, Foreningen Norden Trondheim will organise a major seminar.


Source: Foreningen Norden  / Norway Today