Center Party’s county-level leaders want to cut Norway’s power exports sharply 

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Several county leaders in the Center Party (SP) believe that Norway must take more control over the electricity supply and reduce power exports.

“We are for the market economy, but it must be managed. It is an issue of Norwegian security of supply,” Sigrid Simensen Ilsøy, leader of the Buskerud Center Party, told the newspaper Klassekampen.

The newspaper has spoken to eight out of seventeen county leaders, and Ilsøy is one of several who agree with the plans of party member Per Olaf Lundteigen. He recently proposed limiting exports so that they are not greater than imports. He proposes Norway continues doing so until the filling rate in the magazines in Southern Norway returns back to normal levels.

“If what Lundteigen says is correct, and this is possible, then it is strange that neither our own ministers nor Oil and Energy Minister Aasland followed up on this,” Per-Asbjørn Andvik, head of Vestfold SP, said.

Akershus SP leader Brita Skallerud also wants to follow Lundteigen’s line. She believes the current situation is dangerous.

“It is said that there may be rationing and power cuts throughout the autumn and winter. We, who are essentially self-sufficient, must ensure that our own people get electricity first,” she said.

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