Changes in Norwegian passports

Oslo AirportOslo Airport: Bibiana Dahle Piene / NTB scanpix

Next year several changes will be introduced in Norwegian passports audience must relate to.

The introduction of the new processing system for passports and national ID cards starts in autumn 2017. The new system means it will no longer be possible for officers to overwrite or override information from the National Registry.

If you have not had time to register your new name, you will get your old name in the new passport, stated travel blog The Travel Inspector.

The Police Directorate decided earlier this year that those who have been issued a passport with “unknown” birthplace can get a new passport with birthplace indicated by their country of birth.

They do not have to pay the fee, and the fees will be waived as the passports to don’t meet requirements.
In 2015 the Directorate emphasised birthplace shall be documented on all norwegian passports.

This led to several applicants being sent back and forth between the Population Register and passport authority.

In March this year it was therefore stressed that the information in the register shall be documented. If not it should be “unknown”.

The new practice led to strong reactions from Norwegian nationals who were not born in Norway.

There will be more passport changes next year and directorate will continue to assess whether the birthplace stated as country of birth is the best solution in the long term.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today