Checks on polluting particles and contamination in every corner of Norway

TRONDHEIM.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / SCANPIX

The whole country will now be covered by the warning service Luftkvalitet in Norway, where you get to know how much particulate matter and pollution it is in the air today and tomorrow.

The level of pollution can be read either as a graph or a map. In cities and towns, you can, for example, monitor the pollution levels along the roads.

People who cycle or live near busy roads, or have health problems, can greatly benefit from this service. You can search for smaller, local areas and special roads, such as Kirkegata in Oslo.

Smallest is the worst

  • This air alert system will make it easier to work with air quality in a good way, so that we can take accurate measurements when we need it, says road director Terje Moe Gustavsen

The scale goes from green to purple. It registers fine particulate matter and the total of coarse and fine particulate matter from wood burning and road traffic, nitrogen dioxide from cars on gasoline or diesel and ozone.

The warnings are made daily at the Meteorological Institute. They will combine the weather models with emission data, for example from road traffic.

  • With this collaboration, it is the first time we have made calculations of the air quality for Norway at such a level of detail, says Head of department Hilde Fagerli, at the Department for Climate Modeling and Air Pollution at the Meteorological Institute.

Each municipality
The municipalities are also supposed to use the service, both to give a better overview and for informing residents.

If high pollution is evident, one can also learn from the same service which considerations one should take when being outdoors.

“The health advice mean that people who are vulnerable to air pollution will now have the opportunity to adapt their activities to the different levels of air pollution,” says senior researcher Marit Låg at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

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