The chief of cyber defense is concerned about the storage of private data online

Inge Kampenes, Head of the Cyber DefenseInge Kampenes, Head of the Cyber Defense.Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

The Head of the Cyber ​​Defense is concerned about how much private information we leave online and how it can be used against us in potential web attacks.


“We have not really taken seriously the vulnerability we are facing when we give away so much private data that can be shared or lost,” says Inge Kampenes to Dagens Næringsliv.

The cyber defense is responsible for operating, safeguarding and defending the Armed Forces’ computer systems, networks and platforms against external attacks.

Kampenes believes the digitization of information about every individual will only increase. He specifically refers to information collected by persons for advertising and sales purposes, as well as attendants of the government who sort this information.

“The few think about it is that in the long run it can stumble upon you, through an attack on you personally, or an attack on an entire country, for example, through an information operation that can cope with democratic processes,” he says.

Kampenes says one is still in an early phase of understanding how attacks or operations in cyberspace will take place. Director of the Internet and new media in ICT Norway, Torgeir Waterhouse, believes that one must think new about cyber development.

“We must return to the starting point and see what we really need to protect ourselves from, and what solutions we have chosen to protect us in cyberdomain.


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