Child found in Trondheim

Child DiapersIllustration.......Boy wearing Diapers. Photo:

Child on walkabout found in Trondheim

The child walked alone through the city dressed in diapers, shoes and a thin shirt only.


– It’s not the first time he’s doing a walkabout, according to the police.

The police in Trondheim responded with all available forces after being  informed about a boy wearing diapers, a thin shirt and black shoes. The child was observed in Fossegrenda in Trondheim. As to why the observers did not take action remains an open question.

A dog  patrol from the Police, ambulance personnel and firefighters participated in the search for the child. At 9.45 am the police reported that the child was found.

It had then passed one hour since they received the first notice.

–  We are sighing with relief! We have now found a child who has been outdoors and  alone in Fossegrenda. The child is in faring well, but is a little bit cold. the father has called us. The boy fits the description, writes police in Trøndelag on Twitter.

Not the first time

Operations Manager Øystein Sagen tells Dagbladet that it is talk about a three-year-old boy who has been out on his own.

The father of the child called us and said that the boy had been returned. It is apparently not the first time he has taken a walkabout, the operations manager states.

The police had not been notified that someone were missing a child, and therefore hoped that the child was already found. They nevertheless were not taking the risk of being wrong.

– No other issues are is more prudent at the moment – all available resources are put into the search, Sagen stated while the search was underway.

According to the police, there are close to ten degrees centigrade below the freezing point in the area.

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