Children rarely minds being pressured into taking part in family outings

Children almost never sour of fussy parents travelingNOREFJELL.Family on Easter holiday in the mountains. Photo: Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX

Most children think it’s okay that parents are pressuring them to take part in outings.
This is according to a survey that Ipsos has made on behalf of the Norwegian Outdoors. 810 children from 8 to 19 years of age have replied to questions both of their outing and excursion activities and their outing an excursion habits.
64 per cent responded that it’s completely fine or quite okay if their parents are pressuring them into to joining them for a family outing or stroll or other  outdoors activities.
Only 6 percent answered that this is not okay at all, the survey shows.
As many as 82 percent say they like or mostly little to be with their parents on  trips or  other outdoor activities. In the age group 8-11 years as many as 95 percent gives this reply.
-The survey shows what many parents experience: When they first begin the trip, children mostly enjoy travelling with their parents,  Lasse Heimdal, secretary general of the Norwegian Outdoors, says.
– It is not dangerous to put some pressure on the children to join their parents in outdoor activities. If the children get good habits in relation to going on trips while growing up,  experience also shows that they continue will this way in adulthood, which can be very important for their health, he adds.


Source. NTB scanpix / Norway Today