Children born in November may also be entitled to day care

Norwegian children.Children playing.Photo Norway Today Media

Minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen suggests that any child who turns one year in November, should be entitled to day care in the autumn.

According to the Ministry, this applies to 4,400 children this autumn.

The Government will therefore follow up an extension from autumn 2016, when it was opened up to approximately 9,800 children born in September and October who were given the right to day care from the age of one year.

This means that only children born in December will not  have the right to day care for the year they turn one year old, should the proposal be approved.

– Parents who want it, should be given the opportunity to give their children a good start in kindergarten. Therefore we are extending it once again so the right to day care for children who turn one year in November will also be guaranteed a place in the autumn, he said.

In the draft proposal being sent on Monday, the Minister suggests that municipalities may choose to offer space as early as August for the children who are born in November.

Then it will be up to the parents to decide whether they want day car as of August, or if they want to wait until the child is one year in November.

The consultation deadline is set for February 27th, 2017.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today