Children defend Norwegian billionaire accused of murder: “They know he is innocent”

Tom HagenPhoto: Torbjørn Olsen GD / NTB

The children of Norwegian billionaire Tom Hagen, who is charged with the murder of his wife Anne-Elisabeth, believe that their father is innocent, lawyer Ståle Kihle said.

Two years after Anne-Elisabeth Hagen disappeared from Lørenskog, the police have no other suspects in their focus aside from her husband, Tom Hagen.

Their three children do not share the police’s view.

“The fact that the police believe it is a murder does not mean that it is correct. 

“The objective findings in Sloraveien 4 from October 31, 2018, indicate, in my opinion, with a far greater probability that it is an abduction “, the Hagen children’s lawyer Ståle Kihle wrote in a press release that several media quoted on Friday.


According to TV 2, which published the entire press release, the Hagen children believe that it is both correct and necessary that the investigation is also aimed at those closest to them.

“However, my clients – with their knowledge and experience of both Tom and Elisabeth – are convinced that Tom is not guilty of the crime,” Kihle wrote.

“The three children perceive the accusation against Tom as a distraction in the case. They know that he is innocent. They have known that all along,” it is further stated.

Two years since the disappearance

On April 28, 2020, Tom Hagen was arrested and charged for the murder or participation in the murder of his wife, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen.

In a press release on Friday, police inspector Agnes Beate Hemiø said that the police understand that the case is a very big burden for Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s family.

She further stated that the police have no further comments on the lawyer’s press release.

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