Detained for attempt to kill her children

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Detained for attempting to kill her children

A woman in her late thirties from Bergen is detained for four weeks, charged with attempting to murder her three children who are all of pre-school age.


Bergen District Court agrees to the police’s claim for imprisonment, and the woman will be detained for four weeks with a ban on letters and visits.

“The accused has been transferred to the health services and has not been able to be interrogated or imprisoned. The police will ask for a judicial examination of the accused in order to clarify whether she is criminally liable,” the police in Bergen reports.

The woman will be interrogated when the health services consider that to be justifiable.

The police worked with security and review of forensic and electronic evidence and questioning of persons acquainted to the family on Friday.

Gross violence

“The incident allegedly occurred in an apartment in the municipality of Bergen earlier this week,” writes Bergensavisen.

The newspaper is informed that the children supposedly has been subjected to such gross violence that the actions are to be considered as attempted murders. According to information available to VG, The police believe that the woman has attempted to snap the necks of her three young children.

It’s a serious and depressive case. The children are taken care of. They are faring well considering the circumstances, Lawyer, Kjetil Johannes Ottesen, tells NTB. He is the appointed support counsel for the children

A personal tragedy

“The woman supposedly first attempted to kill two of her children, and the third somewhat later,” Bergens Tidende (BT) reports.

The events allegedly took place in the home of the family in Bergen. Lawyer Ellen Eikeseth Mjøs, who defends the accused mother, does not want to comment on how the woman reacts to the charges but refers to the matter as a personal tragedy. She informs that the woman did not meet in court on Friday because she is seriously ill.

“This is a great personal tragedy. I do not want to comment any further on the matter,” she states.


Police lawyer in West Police District, Cathrine Krohn, tells BT that the three children appear to be uninjured.

“We will now investigate the matter to find out what has happened. This is a serious and complex case,” she explains.

The police lawyer does not want to say anything about how the police were made aware of the attempted murders.

“We requested closed doors during the prison meeting because of the danger of loss of evidence. This was also justified by the right to privacy,” Krohn concludes.

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