Children think adults spend too much time online

Children think the adults are too much time onlineOslo.Children think the adults are too much time online .Photo: Berit Keilen / Scanpix


Children believe adults spend too much time at work and on the internet  and too little on training.

Parents are critical to children spending too much time online or on their mobile phones and too little on other recreational activities, but their children  probably feel the same way:
– It is interesting that both groups have the same opinions about each others activities,  Thomas Haugan-Hepsø in the Media Authority says to the news agency NTB.
In their latest survey Children and media surveys 2016 match three ot ten children respond that their parents spend too much time at work and on their mobiles. One out of five thinks their parents spend too much time on social media, the internet and games on the computer, the TV or the mobile phone. Meanwhile, every fourth child that parents do not spend enough time on taking part in sports and similar physical activities. Compared with previous years, the largest increase has been in the proportion of youngsters who think their parents spend too much time on their mobile phones.
– When you ask young people about their own internet and mobile use, they youngest of the respondents often think that they use a proper amount of time on the various activities. With age, the proportion of the respondents who think it takes away time from other things, like being with friends, increases. Girls in particular often spend much of their time on social media and are more critical of how they spend their time than the boys.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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