China criticizes Norway’s Left Leaders for nominating Hong Kong protesters for peace prize

Guri Melby, Oslo Left.Photo:

Parliament Representative Guri Melby (V) has nominated Hong Kong protesters for next year’s Peace Prize. Chinese authorities are pushing hard against the nomination.

Hundreds of thousands of people have left comments, likes and dislikes on Melby’s Facebook page lately, and most of the comments are in Chinese, writes Aftenposten.

I have nominated the people of Hong Kong for the Peace Prize in 2020 for fighting for fundamental rights such as freedom of speech, democracy and legal security, Melby wrote on Facebook on Wednesday this week.

The post has triggered a massive wave of reactions after being featured in Chinese media. Friday night, the post had over 32,000 comments. Among the comments, both statements of support and comments that refute the nomination.

On Thursday, Chinese authorities also criticized the nomination.

“What is happening in Hong Kong is entirely an internal matter for China and something foreign governments or individuals have no right to interfere with,” said Geng Shuang, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Hong Kong has been characterized by major demonstrations in recent months. The mass demonstrations were triggered by a bill to extradite residents to China, but have later evolved to cover more general issues, such as giving the people greater democratic freedom.

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