China responds against E-service espionage claims

Andøya space centerAndøya space center.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

China believes the allegations from the Norwegian intelligence service on Chinese espionage in Norway and the Arctic are baseless.

“We hope that the relevant Norwegian authorities stop using an outdated mindset from the Cold War and ‘parrot-learned’ knowledge,” is the written response from the Chinese Embassy to those claims, NRK reports.

Intelligence Chief Morten Haga Lunde said in his speech at the Oslo Military Society on Monday night that China has “military capabilities” in Norway and in the Arctic.

Chinese authorities believe allegations of Chinese espionage in Norway and in the Arctic are absolutely baseless:

“The allegations of so-called Chinese espionage are based only on rumors or are not based on anything at all. The allegations are irresponsible. We are responding to this.”

Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen (H) tells NTB that they cooperate with China in a number of areas.

– “As a basis for our cooperation with other countries, both feasibility studies and risk analyzes are conducted. The open security assessments from our services are an important and natural part of the public conversation in an open and democratic society such as Norway,” he says.

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