Chinese delegation visits Norway

Tetzschner, MichaelMember of Parliament, Tetzschner, Michael (Conservatives). Photo: Hans Kristian Thorbjornsen

A delegation from China with a Chinese top leader will visit Stavanger on May 17, according to Stavanger Aftenblad.

According to Stavanger Aftenblad, the police have issued a warning to all operational officers that they must expect to work on the National Day in connection with a visit by a Chinese top executive.

According to the newspaper, the Chinese delegation will be led by Prime Minister Li Keqiang or chairman of the People’s Congress Standing Committee, Li Zhanshu.

There is currently no official confirmation of the visit, but a press release from the Storting is expected during Wednesday.

Equinor states that they know about the visit, but has no hosting role.

Conservative Michael Tetzschner confirms that the visit is a reciprocal visit of the Foreign and Defense Committee’s visit to China last September.

We will be involved in a meeting with the Chinese People’s Congress leader, Tetzschner says.

During the China visit this autumn among other things , meetings with the People’s Congress, ministries and the Communist Party were on the program. Tetzschner was part of the delegation.

We will have a meeting and dinner with the representative at the Storting on 15 May, says Tetchzner.

However, he does not confirm who this is, but Stavanger Aftenblad suggests that this is about Li Zhanshu.

It has been previously known that China’s Customs and Veterinary Minister will visit Norway on May 21st. The same goes for a delegation from the Chinese city of Yantai. They will visit their friendship twin-municipality of Stavanger.

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